Global – Local / Do The Winners Take It All ?

Thanks to the new media, we have all long since shared a global perspective and can only escape this way of looking at things with great effort. This is evident in relation to all relevant areas of life. Against this backdrop, artists in particular are now increasingly faced with the question of how they deal with the global standards that are applied to them via the market, digital rankings or the power of designation exercised by curators, critics or museum directors. The aim of the project is to address and critically examine the mechanisms that generate and manage meaning. In the form of 3 exhibitions and a symposium, the Mixer Team attempts to pose questions and point out possible “answers”.

Discussing: Prof. Dr. Nina Tessa Zahner, sociologist, Düsseldorf Art Academy, Stefan Heidenreich, author, media scientist (Cologne and Basel), Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Ullrich, art scientist and freelance author, Leipzig, Prof. Dr. Hans Dieter Huber, artist, filmmaker, scientist. Moderation: Dorothee Baer-Bogenschütz, art journalist and author, editor of KUNSTZEITUNG and Informationsdienst KUNST.

Trailer (57 sec)

Recording of Discussion (121 min.):