Study Documents

When I was researching on the Polish philosopher Roman Ingarden who studied philosophy in Freiburg with Edmund Husserl until 1918  I was surprised that Porta Polonica had published his study documents. This inspired me to do so even and also to publish my own study books. I view them as important documents of my life. The first and oldest one is the “Belegbuch” of the Akademie der Bildenden Künste Munich where I studied from Wintersemester 1973 to Summer Semester 1977.

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first page

first and second semester

third and fourth semester

fifth and sixth semester

seventh and eighth semester

The second study book is from the Ludwig-Maximilian-University Munich from the period between November 4, 1974 and June, 15 1976. I had to inscribe as a guest student to fulfill my minors in Philosophy and Pedagogy – courses which where offered then only at the university. After that period I decided to inscribe as a full student studying art history.


first page with later pencil notation

winter semester 1974/1975

summer semester 1975

winter semester 1975/1976

last page with exams notice

listener card (front and back page)

The third study book is from the Ludwig-Maximilian-University Munich beginning on May 2, 1975, continuing  after my change to the Ruprecht-Karls-University Heidelberg  in October 1997. It ends with my exmatriculation on September 16, 1986 when I had finished my dissertation thesis.


first page with nice photo

immatriculation and exmatriculation dates

summer semester 1975

summer semester 1975 (reoccupancy)

winter semester 1975/1976

summer semester 1976

winter semester 1976/1977

winter semester 1977/1978

summer semester 1978

winter semester 1978/1979

summer semester 1979

winter semester 1979/80

summer semester 1980

winter semester 1981/1982 and summer semester 1982

summer semester 1983

winter semester 1983/1984 and summer semester 1984

winter semester 1984/1985 and summer semester 1985

winter semester 1985/1986